The eVac in Malawi

I spent a week in Blantyre, Malawi, investigating what sort of pit latrine emptying is going on there right now and trying to determine whether the eVac was suited to operation in Malawi. I was enthused by the group of people I met determined to get pit latrines emptied, and to make money in the process, but also literally nauseous at times as I learnt first hand that few people seem to appreciate the hazard of working with sludge. 

I didn't set out with the intention of selling the eVac. I wanted to see how whether the eVac would work on their pit latrines and if so, could it be made in Malawi? The former of these questions was answered easily: in Blantyre they seem to have mainly wet pits (as an aside: why do some places have wet pits and others dry?) and these are no challenge for the eVac. The answer to the latter questions is that realistically the eVac could not be made in Malawi: too many parts would have to be imported to make it worthwhile. It was because of this that I accidentaly ended up making an eVac sale, the agreement being that we would make one in South Africa and train them how to use in Blantyre.

I've written a report on what I found, which I will incorporate into the second edition of the eVac manual.

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