Sucking the Sludge

After my disastarous attempt empty a full pit latrine with the pit screw auger earlier I am pleased to report that, returning with the eVac, we successfully managed to empty the pit!

Whilst there's still much more testing and modification to do before this sludge-eating monster is ready for roll-out, this appears very promising. I'm very happy: having seen the rubbish-filled nature of the sludge in these pits I had been a little bit unsure as to whether this would ever happen!

It took around an hour to empty the pit, rubbish included. Unfortunately couldn't get the very bottom bit as the hole we were emptying it into was on the verge of overflowing. We were surprised by how watery the contents of the pit were, and this prevented us from covering up the hole we'd just emptied the sludge into! Thankfully the liquid drained away rapidly and the hole has since been covered.

I'm going to be testing and improving the eVac a lot more in the next few weeks. This could be the start of something big!

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jan Heeger6:34 am
23rd February 2012
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